• Kicker KS Review


    PROS / The 6 x 9 speakers have a sensitivity rating of 92dB.

    CONS / The mounting depths are very big, making it difficult to install.

    VERDICT / The Kicker KS series of auto speakers provide snappy bass and crisp highs, but the midrange is average at best. These are excellent speakers if you can fit them in your car.

    The Kicker KS series of car speakers live up to the Kicker name – punchy lows that really make it feel like you're listening to those beats live. That's the first characteristic you'll recognize with the 6 x 9-inch rear deck speakers. With a frequency range that reaches as low as 30Hz, you can really feel the bass. It's snappy and fully developed without being overwhelming.

    Kicker KS

    One of the best features of the 6 x 9 speakers is the 92dB sensitivity rating. While this isn't the most efficient speaker available, it is comparable to the best car speaker sensitivity. The sensitivity rating represents the volume, in decibels, that you'll hear if you sit one meter away from the speaker when the speaker is powered with one watt. For every 3dB increase in sensitivity, the amount of power needed to produce the same volume decreases by 50-percent. For example, an 89dB speaker requires twice as much power to produce the same volume as the Kicker KS rear deck speaker.

    The 6 x 9-inch speakers have a continuous power handling of 150 watts and a peak power handling of 300 watts. While the peak power handling is average, the 150 watt continuous power handling is among the highest available, which means you can push these speakers harder than most auto speaker without damaging the woofers or tweeters. The 6.5-inch car door speakers has a 100-watt continuous power handling rating and a 200-watt peak power handling rating – which, like the rear deck speakers, has one of the highest continuous power handling ratings among the car speakers we reviewed. Bottom line – if you like it loud, these speakers will do.

    One of the biggest issues with the Kicker KS series is the large mounting depths. While you can find a speaker to fit most diameter fittings, the mounting depths are consistently deeper than other car speakers reviewed. For example, the 6 x 9-inch speakers require at least 3.62 inches of clearance, which gives it one of the deepest woofers available. However, this means that it will fit in less cars than most car speakers.


    The Kicker KS series are punchy car speakers with snappy bass. The highs are crisp but the midrange is only average. The sensitivity ratings are good and the high continuous power handling means you can push these speakers more than most. With some of the deepest mounting depths, you have to make sure to measure for clearance before installation.

    Kicker KS