Kicker 08KS6930 6 x 9 car speakers made it onto our list of the best car speakers on the market, but only just barely. They ranked so low due to very disappointing specifications, including a bafflingly low power handling rating (both RMS and peak), a low sensitivity rating, and a skewed and perplexing frequency response range. While these car speakers put out some clear and beautiful sound, they do so at an almost complete disregard for power. We would like to see some significant improvement in this area before we would feel comfortable moving these car speakers higher in our ratings.

Kicker made its name in the car sound system market back in the 1980s, during the so-called Car Audio Revolution. The company's first groundbreaking product was the first full-range car speaker box specifically for automotive use. Today, it creates its iconic square-shaped subwoofer design and a selection of high-quality mobile audio products.

The Spec/Performance category is what most confused us while reviewing Kicker's car speakers. With a frequency response of only 80 Hz up to a maximum of 20 kHz, these car speakers barely reach the threshold of hearing on the high end while not even coming close to the low-end threshold. Without a subwoofer, you will lose significant amounts of bass from your music. Beyond the poor frequency response, these car speakers can only handle 20 watts of continuous power, and they can only do so with an efficiency rating of 88 dB; this means that they can't accept much power at all, and they can't convert that power into sound as well as other models do. We were very disappointed in Kicker's performance in this category.

Even though there is very little power to speak of in this set of car speakers, they sound great when you install them in your vehicle. They can easily reproduce comfortable sound levels, but quickly drop off as the volume increases. This made it difficult to get into the sound these car speakers produce, since we often couldn't hear individual, minute details that we could with other car speakers.

Kicker's customer support is respectable, though its FAQs section deals with more generic questions than specific inquiries about this model. If you have a specific, directed question, you can contact the company's customer service representatives by email or a dedicated telephone number.

Kicker 08KS6930 Summary:

While the Kicker 08KS6930 car speakers will produce clean sound, they don't do so at high volume. If you're into competitions or even just listening to your music really loud, these may not be the car speakers for you.

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Kicker 08KS6930

The sound quality that these car speakers offer is impressive.

There is a painful lack of power behind Kicker's 6 x 9 car speakers.

The Verdict
: 5.5/10

The Kicker 08KS6930 is a good set of car speakers if you're not looking for power.